The Only 3 Reasons Izzy Folau Wants to Return to the NRL

The Only 3 Reasons Izzy Folau Wants to Return to the NRL


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Here we are once again, at the crossroads between morality, religion and Rugby League, where fans who usually avoid politics at all costs are now thrust into formulating opinions on matters far outside the realm of regular pre-season discussion.

There’s no doubt that Folau knows how to throb on the footy field, but his off-field actions and outdated beliefs have unanimously been criticised for having no place in our multicultural and modern game.

However, all this discussion about whether he should be allowed to play appears to ignore one important question. Why does Folau want to join an NRL club? And what does this tell us about his current religious beliefs?

Folau famously caused a controversial stir which saw his exit from Rugby Union after he posted an instagram photo showcasing his belief that drunks, homosexuals, adulterers, liars, fornicators, thieves, atheists and idolaters are all destined for hell. 

Why then, would he want to return to a league that is internationally renowned for being a breeding ground for drunks, adulterers, fornicators and liars? 



This leaves only three possibilities about his true intentions of returning to the league:

The first, and simplest is that Folau has ditched his religious beliefs, and seen the light that the one true deity worth worshipping is Saint Peter V’landys, son of Christ and Grandson of God. This would make sense as Folau may be rejoining the league to repent for his sins to SPVL, and redeem himself through on-field throbbing and off-field observance to Saint Peter’s commandments.

The second possibility is that Folau is drunk on righteousness, and believes he is the man destined to convert players and bring religious adherence to the sport. If this is the case, we wish him the best of luck and look forward to what will presumably be a spectacular failure.

The third and far less interesting possibility is that Folau, much like many other rich and outspoken religious figures, uses his faith only when convenient to him, or to advance his own agenda. 

If this third possibility is indeed the truth, then not only would it place Folau in a moral position below that of many current NRL players, but it would also mean he falls into the category of a liar, which according to his own rhetoric, would land him an eternity in hell alongside past and future teammates.

Regardless of which is the real motivation behind his return, Folau’s presence will most certainly add to an entertaining season of the NRL soap opera in 2021.


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